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So, the Arctic is melting,

Greenland is melting,

the glaciers are retreating,

the oceans are rising, becoming more acidic, and coral reefs are dying,

fire ants and armadillos have migrated north to Tennessee,

but you still think global warming is a farce, because you think Al Gore is an asshole! Right?

Al Gore at Motlow State Community College, 1990

Gore and Technology

Roger Revelle

Global warming is not a political philosophy! It's not liberal or conservative.
It is based on scientific analysis of data,
and observations of our planet.
It's really pretty straight forward and easy to understand.

Carbon dioxide, CO2, is one of the natural gases
in the atmosphere that act as a blanket to retain heat.
It's called the "green house effect". It's good. It keeps us warm.

Historically the normal range of CO2 in the atmosphere had been 280ppm to 300ppm.
It had been within that range for at least 400,000 years.

We know that because scientists have checked the ice core records,
and they can track CO2 levels and temperatures at any given time.

Since the industrial revolution in the late 1800s, we started burning fossils fuels.
As we burned these fuels, excessive amounts of CO2 entered the atmosphere,
and air, land and ocean temperatures have risen as a result.

We are pumping billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.
Atmospheric CO2 is now 40% above historic norms and rising rapidly.

295.00 ppm (1900)

319.02 ppm (May 1960)

356.32 ppm (May 1990)

390.18 ppm (May 2009)

392.95 ppm (May 2010)

394.29 ppm (May 2011)

396.87 ppm (May 2012)

399.89 ppm (May 2013)

401.88 ppm (May 2014)

403.70 ppm (May 2015)

407.70 ppm (May 2016)

409.25 ppm (May 2017)

411.31 ppm (May 2018)

Go to CO2 Now for Current CO2 levels

17 of the hottest 18 years have been since 2001.

This has set off a chain of events that is having negative effects on our planet
which is home to Democrats, Republicans and even Libertarians:
-Each decade since the 1980s has been increasingly hotter.
-13 of the 15 hottest years on record have all occurred since 2000
-2016 was the hottest year ever according to NASA and NOAA, followed by 2015 & 2014.
-Yes, the Arctic poles, Greenland, and the glaciers are all melting at an alarming rate.
-Yes, the oceans are rising, and warming, the chemistry is changing and we are losing species.
-Weather patterns are changing. Hotter in some places, colder in others.

- We are seeing severe, extended drought in parts of the world and flooding in other areas.

A lot of smart people are saying things will get much worse if we don't make some changes.
So now you think global warming is a farce because you think I'm an asshole. Right?

Well, Al and I didn't make this stuff up.
There are volumes of solid data to support it, backed by solid science,
and many reputable scientific organizations.
If you don't believe us, ask them. Check out the links below for reliable information.
Al and I may still be asses, but you'll be more aware.

John Oliver on Climate Skeptics

Berkeley Earth Project, August, 2012

The Latest, Most Comprehensive Study on
Global Warming


NASA Climate Time Machine Animations

Joint National Academies' Statement

National Academies of Science "What's New" Page

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Environmental Protection Agency

University of Arizona on Natural Temperature Trends

Isaac Asimov Video January 14, 1989

70 of the Worlds National Academies of Science

say we're killing the oceans with CO2

National Geographic

The Union of Concerned Scientists

Don't let political dogmas distract you from scientific realities!
Look to scientific sources for scientific knowledge.

What can you do to make a difference?
Be Conservative!
Everything you do to lower carbon emissions is good for your health, and your wallet!
Walk, bike or carpool when possible. Garden or buy fresh, local produce.
Adjust your thermostat by just a few degrees to use less energy.
Run your dishwasher only with full loads. Wash clothes in warm or cold water, not hot.
Make sure your home, your appliances and your vehicles are energy efficient.
Replace old light bulbs with LEDs. Turn lights and appliances off when you leave a room.
Use and support renewable energy.
Support organizations who support conservation.

Don't waste! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Saving is Conservative!

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Al Gore "Our Choice" on The Daily Show, November 4, 2009

2010 Update 2000-2010 was the hottest decade ever. 2010 was the hottest year ever, resulting in massive droughts, flooding, and extreme weather events world wide Top Ten Global Warming Events of 2010

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