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Al Gore at Motlow State Community College, 1990

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General Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama on Meet the Press!

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Quotes by former General, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State,

Colin Powell:

"He is a transformational figure."

"I'm confident that he will be able to take on these challenges on January 21st."

"All villages have values, all towns have values, not just small towns."

"We have got to stop polarizing ourselves in this way."

"He's crossing lines, ethnic lines, racial lines, generational lines."

"We need a president who is a generational change.

That's why I'm supporting Barack Obama."

General Colin Powell

"I'm for Barack Obama because He's going to bring us together"

Susan Eisenhower on Larry King Live, 10/21/08

Quote by my friend, Don F. Jones, on October 22, 2008

On the George W. Bush economy:

"This is a giant shit sandwich, and we're all going to have to take a bite"

Terrorists Killed by Obama Administration

Isreal Defense Minister, Ehud Barak on Obama

Doctors Without Borders

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George W. Bush / Bill Clinton Haiti Fund

Red Cross


History of Iran,

"1861:The Civil War Awakening" on NPR