Scooter's Garden Plants 2019


Hey Folks, we are getting close to that time of year.

Below are the varieties of plants I hope to have available this spring.

It will help me plan if you place your requests in advance.

Please email me back and let me know what you'd like, and I'll try to reserve them for you.

Hopefully, I'll have enough to give everyone 6 to 10 plants if people choose a mix of varieties.

Sorry, I don't have any large tomato varieties this year.

I can make up some variety packs if you want to be surprised.


Crimson Globe

Crimson Globe CG

Yellow Grape

Yellow Grape YG

Red Grape

Red Grape RG

Purple Cherry

Purple Cherry PC

Purple Nipple

Purple Nipple PN

Orange Sunshine

Orange Sunshine OS


Cocoa CO


Jalapeno JP

Mahoney Pepper

Mahoney Pepper MP

Sweet Pepper Mix

Sweet Pepper Mix (Red, Orange & Yellow) SPM

Seeds Started March 9, 2019